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In lieu of the interest charged on overnight positions, Islamic traders will be charged a commission of 7.50 USD per lot, but this only applies after the 8th night of trading. FxPro only offers Swap-free accounts for religious purposes as per the Shariah law. In order to open an account, traders will need to provide an official document such as a Birth or Marriage certificate or an official letter from the leader of their local Muslim community. Normally, swap free broker offer Islamic forex trading, and this kind of account gets the same benefits as the regular forex account. So, you will need to know the regular forex broker’s offering and then compare it with the Islamic forex account to see the compliance.

In addition, the traders must pay the transaction costs immediately, and the Islamic accounts enable them to do so. The number of brokers that offer and advertise such accounts is not so high because they provide less profit for both brokers and traders. In the Forex market, any position held overnight generates a rollover which will be earned or paid out depending on the currency you are trading and the direction of the market. Rollover interest is a form of interest that can be credited or debited from your Forex trading account, and thus it is prohibited by Islamic financial regulations. In the financial world, this rollover is also known as the swap rate.

islamic forex accounts

Please keep in mind that the rates & holding periods are subject to change, reflecting high-risk market conditions at the time. Should you hold overnight positions then fees start from $1 per lot/per night for major indices, $5 per lot/per night for major currency pairs and metals. Trading Tools – AvaTrade has many features dedicated to successful day traders. However, one of their most unique features is their automated trading software bundle which is exceptional for day trading.

It can be a great way to supplement your earnings if you have an exciting network. If you haven’t found anything to meet your needs in a major base level AvaTrade account, you probably need something more targeted. In that case, there is an additional level of account for both EU and international traders. You will also be able to get PAMM / MAM account management features As a professional client, and you will not receive risk warnings or dispute resolution services.

It’s worth noting that this is a weekly charge and not a daily charge, like some other Islamic forex broker accounts highlighted in this review. The best Islamic forex broker accounts reviewed on this page are all swap-free accounts, for use by Muslims who want to trade forex. Most of the largest and most respected forex brokers offer is plus500 legitimate Islamic trading accounts, including, Pepperstone, Axi and FXTM. The brokers that offer Islamic forex trading accounts have to charge clients a fixed fee because this is the only way they can benefit from such accounts. This is not against the Islamic rules, and even the banks in Islamic countries use the same method.


Account with a 50 USD minimum deposit and spreads starting at 1.5 pips. While FXTM offers a range of accounts on MT4 and MT5, Islamic accounts are only available on MT4 and trading on exotic currency pairs is prohibited. Those people who are using Islamic Trading Accounts can be involved in commodity trading, as well. Like currency pair trading, swap-free account users don’t have to worry about closing their positions every day. Instead, they can invest their money in commodities and go long or short.

islamic forex accounts

An Islamic Forex, or swap-free, account is an optional account type that is often selected after signing up with a broker. They are intended for use by traders of the Islamic faith, which prohibits generating income from interest payments. A majority of Forex brokers can accommodate followers of the Islamic faith by offering swap-free trading accounts that are compliant with Sharia law.

Instead, the broker charges their Islamic traders administration fees depending on the size and duration that the trade is held. If you’re trading forex on an Islamic account, some brokers limit trading on exotic currency pairs and pairs featuring cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin . If your trading strategy relies on having the ability to trade exotics and some riskier crosses, then make sure you consult the full list of available pairs legacyfx broker review from your Islamic forex broker of choice. Ensure you Trade forex on an Islamic trading account that is fully acceptable in the eyes of Islamic laws. By using a swap-free account from one of the brokers reviewed here, you’re able to take advantage of a massive number of forex trading pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and GBP/JPY. If your forex broker offers fixed spreads on other accounts, then they will remain fixed on an Islamic account.

Minimum Deposit

Free swap is the fundamental distinction between an Islamic account and a non-Islamic one so you should make sure there is no fee is paid or received whether it’s called commission or overnight fee or anything else. As we’ve seen so far, some swap free or Islamic accounts have time limit and a fee is allocated to them after a few days. There is another version of Islamic forex accounts that is really swap free but this free swap is bound by a time period. Now that interest rates not being applicable, the next item to consider is that trading is only permitted if it is “hand in hand”. Best forex broker for beginners that also offers an Islamic account. While leverage allows traders to trade much bigger volumes than they would normally be able to if they were just using their own trading capital, the loan aspect of it has implications for Islamic forex traders.

AvaTrade provides several major currencies for you to choose as a base when opening your AvaTrade Live account. Unfortunately, no ZAR is available for South African traders, and GBP is only available for UK-based users. Similarly, only Australian users/traders can use AUD as their primary currency. The maxim investment you can make on one trade for both demo and real money accounts will be $20.000. There’s also a chat feature provided within your account interface.

islamic forex accounts

These types of managed accounts can sometimes help allow you to stay out of hand while trading. Such accounts are available through AvaTrade, but only for professional account holders. If you have a company under which you are registered to trade, this is because you want to have an AvaTrade corporate account. This account type allows you to open an AvaTrade account under your business name with the same benefits and nice features. AvaTrade is one of the best trading online brokerages in the industry in terms of reputation and reliability, and traders can trade with confidence. The trading company has won numerous awards for “Best Customer Support,” “Best Alert System,” “Best Financial Derivatives Trading Provider,” and “Best Forex Broker of the Year”.

How Do Interest Rates work on the Islamic Account?

This allows traders to purchase physical commodities and diversify their portfolios. Even though that traders can choose between going short or long, going long through commodities can be quite beneficial for them. What’s more, like trading with currencies, Islamic account users are having wider spreads while trading with commodities. As long as Islamic trading account users are profiting through swap-free accounts and swaps are one of the significant ways of gaining money for the brokers, there have to be done that will compensate for this loss. For that reason, brokers are usually using wider spreads for Islamic accounts, which allows brokers to get income from those users who are using swap-free accounts. not guarantee for accuracy and correctness of data published on this website.

Until you choose the platform you need to consider some factors, that will help you to choose the right one among the other platforms. One of the significant factors among others is the features, that are provided by a certain platform. After choosing the most suitable and trustworthy platform you need to register on a specific platform. While registration you’ll see a list of accounts, where there will be an Islamic Forex account, as well.

  • This means that if you’ve already taken your forex broker’s advice and made the switch to MT5, then you’ll be unable to use your Islamic trading account.
  • Okay, so my rating for the software platform, I’ll give them 10 out of 10.
  • In this guide, you’ll get more information about Islamic FX accounts, how they work what are their main advantages, what are their features, and what do they promise to their users.
  • In addition to the 2 standard accounts, Muslim traders can open an ‘Interest-free account’ that operates according to Islamic Sharia principles of interest-free trading.
  • AvaTrade is a international giant in the forex broker space, and its Islamic trading account maintains the company’s reputation.

This is because if you are the victim of a scam, you can file for a periodic chargeback. And the main card network processors VISA and MasterCard will allow you to do this within 540 days after the deposit. As an unregulated broker, Quotex forex harmonics cannot guarantee the security of its clients’ funds. And there is a good chance that brokerage will rip you off and make money from you. So, you will stick with licensed brokers – here is a list of brokers regulated in the European Union.

So, Islamic Forex accounts are swap-free accounts where no overnight interest is credited or debited. Tickmill’s Islamic account is especially attractive because no additional charges are made for trades on most of the major currency pairs (such as EUR/USD or USD/JPY). Be aware that trading on most minor and exotic pairs will be charged a minimum of 5 USD after a trade has been held open for three days. Rollover interest is a form of interest that can be credited or debited from yourForex trading account, and thus it is prohibited by Islamic financial regulations. The only problem that some Islamic accounts of this kind may have is some extra fees such as higher spreads. This is not a specific issue for this type of swap free accounts and may include other types of Islamic accounts as well.

IQ Option Islamic Review – IQ Option Deposit

Traders are encouraged to try out their new indices trading strategy on a demo account, before going live. This goes for any financial instruments that you’re trying out for the first time, as there is no risk warning required. Leverage is based on a loan from the broker and therefore a real Islamic trading account must provide for no-interest leverage. This impacts the level of leverage that each broker offers on their Islamic account and again must be determined on a case-by-case basis when you go to open an account with any specific broker.

FX pairs, metals,

When a certain Muslim trades with a regular FX account, this is trading Forex Haram. However, as already mentioned there is another side, the opposite term of the Haram, also known as, Halal. Trading is Halal when the Muslim is using an Islamic account, where the interest rates are excluded. The Islamic accounts have been designed for Muslims whose religious observances prohibit the use of interest in trading. However, there are no restrictions on traders who still wish to use the Islamic accounts rather than the usual standard accounts.

The commissions and holding period are subject to change according to market conditions and when necessary. Rather than swap, a settled financing charge is applicable on the account and it bases on the asset traded and the amount of lots only, not on the interest rate. This account was initiated specifically for clients of Muslim beliefs who cannot earn or pay any interest due to Sharia law. Traders of Islamic faith can apply for a Raw Pricing trading account where no interest fees will be credited or debited.


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